Simple to use, easy to down load, and good quality pictures at A4 size. There’s nothing to see on the other side of the camera. The results are mixed. There are two bad points. The printed manual that is included with the camera is a “Basic Manual”. Skip to main content.

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We here at Digital Camera HQ offer unbiased, informative reviews olympux recommendations to guide you to the right camera. In addition, there’s no optical viewfinder, which bothers some people like me and not others. As you’ve probably noticed, there’s no optical olympus d 535 on the DZ.

How many to an xD-Picture. The bottom line is that I wasn’t thrilled with the D Zoom. The main advantage of the Olympus D is cost.

Olympus D-535 Zoom (C-370 Zoom)

Thus, the DZ is best suited for taking olympus d 535 pictures. If the camera had white balance controls I would’ve been a lot more positive, but alas it does not. File numbering is maintained as you erase and switch memory cards. There’s nothing to see on the other side of the camera.

Zoom Digital Camera Lenses for Olympus.

Olympus D Zoom (C Zoom): Digital Photography Review

My advice is to spend a little more money to get a more capable camera. Night scene Suitable for shooting pictures in the evening or at night.


The images saved to the internal memory can be copied to the xD Picture Card, but you cannot copy images from the xD Picture Card to the internal memory. With a 3x optical zoom, the Olympus is great for both indoor and outdoor photography, while preset scene modes, including portrait, landscape, and night scene, take the guesswork out of composing great shots. With the camera turned off, connect the USB cable to the PC and plug the smaller end into the camera.

Locate Pixel Mapping in the camera’s menu and select OK to activate it. Are there other languages then English? Olympus d 535 being made of plastic, it’s pretty solid, especially given its price. Use the up or down arrow to navigate to the language of your choice. Olympus’ main, and best, cameras are their mirrorless line. It takes about 2. Olympus Olympus d 535 Olympus is a long-time camera manufacturer, but lately they’ve been offering innovative, compact imaging options that are well worth a look.

A sample movie is not available in this review. Select the topic olyympus best olympus d 535 your question: We olympua comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you olympus d 535 read.

Autofocus speeds were also average, with the camera taking about 0. There is no AF-assist lamp on the camera, unfortunately. There is a selection displayed on the first menu screen that will allow you to olympus d 535 the camera to display all settings in one of several languages.


Olympus D-535 Zoom

This can be up to ten seconds before you see the photo you just took from moment you switched the camera on. Then again, the typical buyer of this camera olympus d 535 not care.

Stop putting your camera away after sunset and learn how to take pictures in the dark. How 5535 I know if images are being saved to the internal memory or to the optional olympus d 535 The internal memory and the xD Picture Card cannot be used at the same time.

The W represents a wider area of view as you zoom out, and the T represents Telephoto as you are zooming in closer to the subject. Olympus d 535 to use, easy to down load, and good quality pictures at A4 size. The batteries are exhausted and need to be replaced or recharged.